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    Clifford J. “Cliff” Davis has many years of experience as a developer. Based in Tampa, FL, Cliff Davis specializes in commercial and residential construction. Recent projects include assisted living facilities in Windermere and Lakewood Ranch. 

    Davis Development also built Publix mixed-use supermarkets in Wesley Chapel, Florida, and Smyrna, Georgia. The Publix shopping center in Florida has a hair salon, Japanese/Chinese restaurants, and other services next to the market. In addition to the shopping centers, the company built Avondale Estates, a mixed-use facility encompassing luxury apartment units and first-class shopping and restaurants in Avondale, Georgia. The company also built a residential unit and 20,000-square-foot mansion in Tampa. 

    Mr. Davis has completed more than $200 million in development projects over the course of his career. He has sat on the board of directors or advisory boards for Gift of Life Adoptions, Suncoast Hospice, and PARC, which works to help people with developmental disabilities experience life to the fullest.

    An athlete in his free time, he has entered multiple triathlons, including the iconic Ironman in Hawaii. He is also an avid traveler, and having been to England, France, Italy, Greece, and Russia, among other places.

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